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If you’re under the influence of all these celebrities riding their self balancing scooters you should think about getting one. If you’re looking for a good entertainment for your whole family this is also a good factor for you to make a decision to buy one.

But to be hundred percent safe I really advise you to get not a hoverboard but a self balancing unicycle. This vehicle can be more safe if you are just starting to enjoy that kind of activities. You can ride it in a very easy way in your park for example or during your exercises in the morning. It can be used in every way like you can go to work with it or just spend a nice time with your friends.

The advantage of the unicycles is that you will learn how to ride it very fast. The fastest of them all is Gotway Msuper Hs. And it doesn’t matter if you’re young or just a little bit older user. As long as your movements are accurate you can control it using your body.

Some models have an app you can install on your smartphone with additional options like counting kilometers. Now all you have to do is to visit Ebay or some another site and chose the best unicycle for you.

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